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FREE Internet Access

  1. – NO ad-banners necessary to keep you online. Unlimited surfing. Available in Western Washington (Aberdeen, Bainbridge, Bellevue, Black Diamond, Buckley, Graham, Hoodsport, Olympia, Rochester, and Seattle) and in New England (Duxbury, Chathan, and Gilbertsville). [I am very pleased with this provider's service.]
  2. – requires monthly completion of offers
  3. – ad banners; free access limited to 10 hours per month

Free E-Mail

  1. google's gmail (2,000 MB; spam filters; free automatic forwarding and POP3 access)—a limited-test preview release, available only by invitation from current account owners (or from [I love it!]
  2. (1,000 MB; 15 custom spam filters; forgery-fighting DomainKeys Indicator; virus scanning & cleaning; POP3 access)
  3. for MAC users (1,000 MB e-mail space; 100 MB web space; 200 MB picture space)
  4. (250 MB; 0 filters; virus protection); loads slowly
  5. (125 MB; 11 filters; SPAM prevention tools)
  6. (25-250 MB; 10 MB attachments; Secure Sockets Layer encryption; spam filters; virus scanning/cleaning)—sign in once within 10 days of opening account; then, sign-in at least once every 30 days afterwards)
  7. (3 MB; attachments up to 2 MB; filters; anti-spam measures)


  1. 1st Page 2000 ( – HTML/script editor; no registration required
  2. Amiasoft SiteAid 1.3 (screen shot –
  3. Arachnoid 5.2 (screen shot –– careware
  4. EditPad Evaluation Version (screen shot –; for Windows 95, 98, NT4, 2000, ME, and XP; free evaluation version
  5. Homesite 1.2 (screen shots –
  6. Lightning HTML Editor 2.30 (download –
  7. NoteTab Light 4.95 (screen shot –; for Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP; sets your computer to use it instead of Notepad if you wish; views outline documents created from the standard and pro versions that have headlines in the left pane which when clicked present the corresponding text in the right pane. [My favorite free editor.]

FREE CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) Editors

  1. CSS Stylesheet Editor by Richard Smith (screen shot –
  2. NoteTab – includes CSS clipbook (
  3. SiteAid HTML Editor – includes CSS editor (

FREE Web Hosting Service

  1. – 50 MB web space, PHP4 support; ad pops up only after a visitor leaves your site
  2. organizations only (requires tax number); 5 MB web space; 500 MB monthly bandwidth; no advertising banners but must display a small graphic that links back to the Sxpress site
  3. V3/FortuneCity ( – 25 MB free web space; 3 GB file transfer
  4. – 20 MB web space, 1 GB monthly bandwidth

FREE Browsers

  1. Firefox (
  2. Microsoft Internet Explorer (
  3. Neoplanet (; with "skins")
  4. Netscape (; click "browser" in left column)
  5. Opera (; free trial of $39 browser; Windows/Linux/Mac/OS2/Solaris/FreeBSD/QNX/Symbian versions · student/volume discounts on purchase; has menu-bar button to toggle images on/off for faster downloading of pages; e-mail client with spam-blocker, IRC-compatible chat, newsreader, RSS newsfeeds, integrated Google search, pop-up blocker, mouse gestures, and keyboard shortcuts; supported by ad banners but does not install an adware client on your computer)

Free Browser Skins

  1. (for Opera browser)
  2.– NOTE: This product for Windows and Internet Explorer browser hides a little program that tracks your online browsing and sends it to other servers for targetted advertising purposes. Symantec has instructions on how to safely delete this adware from your computer (

Free Software Trials (products under $20)

  1. NoteTab Standard or Pro ( – 30 days, then $9.95/Standard or $19.95/Pro

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