Bellevue, Washington, U.S.A.

Bellevue, Washington, is located on the east side of Lake Washington with view of Seattle. Founded in 1869 and incorporated in 1953, and now the 4th largest city in the State, Bellevue claims several distinctive neighborhoods:  Downtown Bellevue · Factoria, Crossroads, and Eastgate · Newcastle, Richards Valley, and Evergreen Highlands · Newport Hills

Downtown Bellevue

Mall, downtown park, transit center, public library, world-famous doll museum, art museum, business and conference centers, movie theater, great restaurants

Factoria, Crossroads, and Eastgate

Shopping centers; movie theaters; ethnic restaurants and public market (Crossroads); police and fire stations; post offices

Newcastle, Richards Valley, and Evergreen Highlands

Recreation trails, corporate campuses

Newport Hills

Long-established neighborhood

Bellevue, Washington (NE 8th, east of downtown)
NE 8th, east of downtown Bellevue
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Attractions and Events:

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Job Opportunities:

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